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Industry Trainining


"The trainer attended to all our questions and also demonstrated for us, making the explaination clearer and easier to understand." - Yong Li, MediaCorp Pte Ltd


"The trainer has made learning C4D easy to understand. He is adept at explaining methods and techniques." - Eugene, MediaCorp Pte Ltd


"The pacing of the course is adequate for a beginner to pick up and learn." - Robin, Moving Bits Pte Ltd


"The trainer was excellent at explaining techniques including how and why those techniques are used. He'll also explain alternative tips and workarounds." - Hazrul Idzwan Lamin, Moving Bits Pte Ltd


"The trainer had provide additional tutorial to the expected syllabus." - Jason, HBO Singapore Pte Ltd


"The trainer answers questions with ease, has rich experience and knowledge and is very approachable." - Maria Regina Rosario P Tuazon, MTV Asia



Infocomm Club Training


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"The sessions gave us a glimpse into the endless possibilities for innovative teaching and learning…..The software is user-friendly and easy to manipulate. In fact we were amazed at the learning speed in which some of our students, namely Sec 1s and 2s displayed". - Mrs Lim, the ex-principal of Admiralty Secondary School


"Whenever i do not know something, I will approach the trainer and she will teach me patiently." - Charmaine Chee Shi Min, Pasir Ris Secondary School


"The trainer has a lot of patience when teaching us." - Jervin tan Huai Qiu, Pasir Ris Secondary School


"The trainers have helped me and encouraged me." - Jerome Chin, ACS (Junior)


"They were helping anybody who was in need of help." - Gerald Mok Xiang Hao, ACS (Junior)