3D Media Studio

MAXON Authorised Training Centre for CINEMA 4D

The 3D Media Studio is also the venue for the MAXON ASEAN Authorised Training Centre (ATC) for CINEMA 4D. IM Innovations is the only ATC in the ASEAN region, with trainers that are trained and certified by MAXON. The quality and type of instruction at MAXON ATC partners are constantly monitored by MAXON, and the ATC at 3DMS is held to the highest standards. Many industry professionals, educators and students have benefited from the wide range of training courses conducted by the certified CINEMA 4D trainers.

More details about the 3D training courses offered are in this link.


The studio is equipped with 30 units of high-end 3D capable 3D workstations, originally sponsored by AMD via IM Innovations. MAXON Computer GmbH, a leading developer of 3D software for modelling, animation, painting and rendering, supported by sponsoring CINEMA 4D classroom educational licences.


The capability to pool the computing power of these workstations via net rendering services within the studio allows the scheduling and rendering of complex animation scenes.

3D Training

The 3D Media Studio prides itself in being a hub for developing 3D skills and competencies in the ASEAN region.  As part of our mission to develop manpower capabilities in 3D technologies and solutions to benefit a wide spectrum of industries, IM Innovations also organises specialised 3D training and workshops at the 3D Media Studio by engaging overseas trainers.  Examples of such sessions include the masterclass by professionals such as Matthias Zabiegly, a Lead 3D Artist for Aixsponza based in Germany, Tim Clapham, the Creative Director at Luxx.tv based in Australia, Marc Potocnik, owner and founder of Renderbaron based in Germany, Lars Scholten (CYBear), a MAXON appointed Lead Instructor for Cinema 4D in Netherlands, and many more.

3D Projects

One of the first 3D projects supported by the studio is the Virtual Paper Napkin (VPN) project, an IMDA-supported project awarded to IM Innovations. Together with key strategic partner, Temasek Polytechnic, we conducted an outreach programme to ignite students' interest in 3D visual applications.  It includes training primary and secondary students, as well as teachers using CINEMA 4D, which is easy to use and learn. VPN seeks to revolutionize future teaching and learning in classroom by empowering students and educators with 3D skills.  This talent pool is envisaged to develop projects, including 3D media-rich teaching resources so that understand complex concepts easily using 3D virtual space and applications.

Another pioneering project is the Beat-by-Beat with 3D!. Supported by the Creative Community Services, an initiative by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts (MICA), this collaborative project seeks to demonstrate how 3D animation and visual effects created by students from different schools can be used as digital backdrops for stage performance, such as a musical.

Industry projects include those undertaken for Seagate, Meiban, Philips Singapore Learning Centre and Pfizer.  Such projects, selected portions of which are carved out to Temasek Polytechnic, allow TP staff and students to participate and experience the demanding nature of real-life industry projects.  Some of these projects are showcased in this link.

MAXON Competence Centre @ TP

On 25 January 2013, IM Innovations, MAXON Computer and Temasek Polytechnic signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to set up the MAXON Competence Centre @ Temasek Polytechnic.  This tripartite partnership, an expansion of our original partnership with Temasek Polytechnic, is another landmark in IM Innovations’ quest to groom the next generation of 3D talent to support the growing demand for such skills.  The 3D Media Studio, being the Authorised Training Centre for CINEMA 4D, is now also part of this larger set-up.

For more information, please contact us at enquiry@im-innovations.com