Student Version Online Guide

What is the procedure for requesting Free Cinema 4D Student Licenses?

Step 1:

Educational Institutes to submit a list of eligible students with the following information:

Student's name, email address, course of study, year of study

Note: For the steps below, MAXON recommend to use another browser and avoid using Internet Explorer to minimise possibility of problems.

Step 2: (For NEW students without existing MAXON student account)

  • Go to

  • Choose "Singapore" and follow the subsequent instructions to register for a student account 
    (Prepare proof of enrolment e.g. copy of student ID, certificate of enrolment)

Note: Student has to register with the email address as given by the educational institutes otherwise their license application will be rejected.

Step 3: (For students with existing MAXON student account)

  • Go to

  • Login to your student account using the email given by your educational institute. All other emails addresses will be rejected.

  • There should be a link "Get CINEMA 4D RXX Student" license to request for the latest version.

Note: Only the latest version of Cinema 4D at the point of request is available for students.


Students who encounter problems getting their free student license should send an email to: containing their name, educational institutions and MacID.

To check the MacID of your computer:

Windows: Start the program “cmd” and type the command “getmac /v” and send us a screenshot of the results.

Mac OS: Open your System Preferences/ Network, click on “Advanced” and choose the tab “Hardware” to see the MAC Address.