Professional 3D Courses

3D Modelling and Animation using Cinema 4D

This course equips trainees with the fundamentals of 3D and allows them to experience the various stages of a production workflow for a 3D project. Hence it is suitable for trainees with little or no experience in 3D. It is a prerequisite to the other 3D advanced courses we offer. Conducted by experienced Cinema 4D instructors, the 3-day course involves lectures and hands-on sessions. A certificate of completion will be given to trainees at the end of the course.


(For more information on the 3D Modelling and Animation course, visit here)

Advanced Cinema 4D Course - 3D Motion Graphics and Dynamics

This is a 2-day hands-on training course that focuses on 3D motion graphics with dynamics. It expands on the skillsets of motion graphics designers to be able to work in a 3D space and introduces a whole new dimension to their work. It also explores the tools and functions of dynamics, enabling participants to create visualisation of realistic physical simulations. Participants are taught using a professional grade and yet easy-to-use 3D software - Cinema 4D, the tool of choice for 3D motion graphics artists.

This is an advanced course. 3D Modelling & Animation is a prerequisite for this course.


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