Singapore History Alive with 3D!

What is Singapore History Alive with 3D?

Singapore History Alive with 3D! is a multimedia game-based teaching and learning solution package developed by IM Innovations. The solution lets users learn about Singapore’s heritage in a fun and interactive way. It is built based on the MOE social studies curriculum and consists of 3D educational games, animation videos, presentation slides and quizzes, seeking to re-invent traditional classroom methods with the use of 3D Interactive and Digital Media. It has been approved by eduLab@AST for its pedagogical benefits and has received SSOE Certification. Singapore History Alive with 3D! has been adopted to augment teaching material used for 250 primary school students in the entire Primary 4 cohort of Pasir Ris Primary School.


It immerses students in a virtual environment to personally experience how Singapore was like in the past. It allows students to interact with key historical figures and engage in experiential learning.


It engages pupils in situated and experiential learning, which helps with retention of knowledge gained.It is available in multiplayer mode, allowing for collaborative learning to take place.


It is easy to deploy and use in MOE schools with their existing ICT infrastructure and equipment.It also has the ability to test and measure the learning outcome after lessons through quizzes and mini-games.