F1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix done using CINEMA 4D!

January 13, 2009

You know the "Twenty things you should know to enjoy the 2008 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix". You know the teams, the drivers, even the "Yellow Book", but did you know that the clip showcasing the track was done using CINEMA 4D? 


The film clip showcasing the track, supplies all the relevant circuit information and a preview of the first night race ever in Formula 1 history - and the first street race in Asia.


"The creation of about 2.5 minutes of completely computer-generated film in full HD resolution within two months posed a bit of a challenge to us. Especially the need for photorealistic imagery of the car and the huge amount of blurry reflections in the metal world were demandin", says Manuel Casasola Merkle, creative and managing director of AixSponza. "We had to think carefully about out software tools. Our decision to use CINEMA 4D and Vray was exactly right."


"Fortunatey CINEMA 4D provides a lot of freedom as far as the render engine is concerned," Manuel Casasola Merkle states further. "In addition to the very fast and stable Advanced Render module there are many 3rd-party solutions available. Foremost there is Vray, one of the most capable raytracers out there. The good thing is that these two (complement) each other. Vray is capable of donig very good and reliable animated GI (Global Illumination) and produces highly photorealistic results because of its advanced BRDF material system in short amounts of time. AR on the other hand can do volumentric effects and AO (ambient Occlusion) very good and quick."


Click here to read the full story.

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