CINEMA 4D Finds Beauty with a Purpose

August 16, 2013

Smooth and intriguing animations filled the screen as the event commenced with Miss World Singapore 2013’s music video at the Pan Pacific Hotel on Sunday, 28th July 2013. 




As though peeking into the contestants’ lives, the audience at Miss World Singapore 2013 was greeted by computer graphics scenes created solely with CINEMA 4D, followed by the opening music video. Refreshing logo animations during intermissions also filled the screen as the event progresses.


On this collaboration between IM Innovations and Miss World Singapore (MWS), Venise Tham, our 3D Graphics Designer expressed that it was both challenging and rewarding. With only a week to left to the event, the team had to create two logo animations – a looped one with an alpha channel, another to showcase the contestants – and not forgetting both the opening and closing sequences of MWS’ music video. “The most challenging element of this project was the timeline, with the actual pageant only a week away from the time we received the project. Yet the greatest accomplishment was also a result of this tight timeline – having to come up with the appropriate look and feel, animations and rendering for the final video – to be ready for the event,” explains Venise.


How did the team manage to complete it within a week?


With the extensive 3D asset library available in CINEMA 4D, the team was able to quickly modify and develop customised assets to populate the scenes and input settings such as time shown on the clock face. Proper materials and lights were applied to the 3D globe model and tweaked to create the stylistic look of the shiny globe seen in the animation. CINEMA 4D also allows artists to work on multiple platforms; files saved in the Adobe Illustrator format (.ai) can be imported and appear as splines in CINEMA 4D. Thus the 3D version of MWS logo was being created within a short timeframe, simply based on these splines.


“To create the movement routes for the photographs to spiral around the globe, I used the spline tool, while PolyFX and various effectors were used to create the visual effects on the words. CINEMA 4D’s Vibrate Tag was wonderful too; it may be a small feature but it is so useful, quick and convenient in creating subtle movements with the camera and objects!” exclaims Venise.


Watch the videos here:











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