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August 19, 2013

Heading for an Era of Digital Television; Technology Helps Small-sized Businesses (Translated)


The new phenomenon of heading into an era of Digital Television (DTV) in Thailand means many television (TV) channels can reach the audiences on a variety of viewing devices anywhere simultaneously; television, computer, tablet, mobile phone, digital advertisement.


Come 5th December 2013, the DTV service shall by launched by about 30 channels from 48 licensed channels. The "Whole day" will be a "Prime time" for all TV stations, and audiences can enjoy the TV programs without interruption. (This schedule was announced by NBTC: Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission, under the agenda of the commercial TV license auction during the period of October and November.) 


The “frequency” capabilities that come with the DTV trend will allow for more program segmentations and licensed broadcasters will be able to offer its programs through the hundreds of channels available. As the prices of hi-definition TV become more competitive and affordable, the adoption rate of customers is also expected to increase. This in turn would mean that the advertising medium and space will become the main profit channel for broadcasters as they compete based on the media content, which are great business opportunities for both current and potential businessmen in broadcast industry (and of course any other business types).


- Foreign Software Ready to Market in Thailand


Mr. Vincent Ong, Managing Director of MAXON Competence Centre Singapore-ASEAN (MCC), developer of "CINEMA 4D" digital software said that with the advanced technology of DTV, consumers can experience a better visual and audio quality, much better than that of the traditional analogue signals. Thus, consumers can expect high quality of digital content development and service from the broadcast industry in the near future. However, the digital content development sector generally faces the lack of developers and issues with managing production timelines as they continue to rely on traditional software to create 3D prototypes and animation.  


MCC sees business opportunity in the digital broadcasting industry and decides to expand its business in Thailand by cooperating with "Digitron Solutions Co., Ltd." – a local hardware distributor with existing broadcasting-based clients in Thailand. 


MCC will provide users with digital content software with a price range that will meet the needs of small to large enterprises, creating more opportunities and options for media-entertainment small-sized companies or freelancers to create high quality work for local consumers within a shorter time frame. In the meantime, MCC is delighted to share its experience in projects collaborating with government agencies and educational institutions in Singapore – bringing this software as a pilot study and developing primary students' skill to create 3D projects for their presentation. This will also build the human resources necessary to support this industry especially when this region merges into a single ASEAN market. 


Mr. Chao Premsuriya, Managing Director of Digitron Solutions commented that there is a need to build and invest in sufficient resources for this transition for the reason that typically, a minimum of 10 employees are required to support each TV program. News channels, which handle content production to broadcasting, may require up to a hundred while 24-hour channels will need triple the amount of human resources for such work. "Definitely, these 48 new DTV channels will need much more manpower, so this is a great opportunity for the people in this industry - we are focusing on educational sector and introducing this software to the students as it is easy-to-use; once they are ready they can seek for a job or even become a freelancer producing media contents.”


Source: Komchadluek

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