Happy Drum Beats

July 14, 2014

A slightly macabre but thoroughly enjoyable music video created by Job, Joris and Marieke using Cinema 4D.


A bunch of cute, musically inclined creatures with zebra stripes running a parcours from rooftop to rooftop accompanied by the new song from the Dutch band Happy Camper, The Daily Drumbeat. Soon the race evolves into a macabre version of musical chairs – with drum sets instead of chairs. Whoever’s not sitting behind the drums when the refrain starts is pushed off the building by an invisible hand – and the game continues with one less player …


Joop, Joris and Marieke is a team of Dutch film makers with a love of cartoons and short films. Their projects are created using Cinema 4D, which offers them the flexibility and power they need to successfully realize their complex visions. Joop, Joris and Marieke also have established a reputation with their past work, including their well-known work ‘Mute’, which recently garnered a lot of attention worldwide. This short film also used highly stylized characters and a very dark humor, which also found its way into ‘The Daily Drumbeat’.


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