Dauntless with the Cinema 4D Protective Shield

October 27, 2014

With its outstanding animations, Aixsponza has made a name for itself in many branches – with the exception of game trailers. Their new creation for Dreadnought successfully catapults them into yet another genre.


Dreadnought is a game project that Berlin, Germany-based YAGER Development GmbH plans to release in 2015. As is the case with most action games, Dreadnought will offer an intro in cinematic quality that gets players excited about the game. These intros are also teasers that are designed to attract customers to the upcoming product.


In this game, futuristic fighter planes will battle it out in the Earth’s atmosphere. Players have a choice of fast fighter planes, super battle ships or fearless Dreadnoughts. The intro had to give future customers an impression of the game’s storyline.


The team of artists in supervisor Manuel Casasola’s team had only four weeks to finish the project. Since the game takes place on a future Earth, a complex landscape had to be created with numerous seas and cliffs. Daylight and a clear atmosphere combined to create an immense amount of visibility. The landscape was generated using World Machine and subsequently exported to Cinema 4D in various resolutions.


“The landscape geometry and textures over which the fighters would fly took up seven terrabytes of memory. This amount of data could barely be handled despite the high-end computers being used, which is why we developed a special tool: a Python tool with which the LOD (level of detail) geographical files, which were separated into different parts, could be combined. This made it possible to display detailed, high-resolution geometry in the foreground, 4k textures at mid-range and low-resolution textures in the distance,” explains Fuat Yüksel “and displacement maps were applied in Cinema 4D to geometry in the foreground to add the finishing touch.”


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