Gtech Vacuum Cleaners Wipe the Floor with Cinema 4D

December 18, 2014

To show off its new Gtech Multi hand-held vacuum cleaner, Grey Technology turned to Bomper Studios for this polished promo video

The humble vacuum cleaner has undergone something of a renaissance since James Dyson invented the canister vacuum cleaner. Now British inventor Nick Grey has taken the idea a step further with his Gtech range of battery-powered vacuum cleaners that are light, powerful, and can even outperform systems running on electricity.


To help promote its new portable Gtech Multi, Grey Technology approached Bomper Studios based in Caerphilly, Wales, with a brief to produce an info graphic-style animation showing how the device works and highlighting its advantages. The resulting 1080p HD sequence required a mixture of illustrative and photo-realistic rendering, showing the internal workings of the device, as well as its components and attachments.


"The animation had to highlight the benefits of this new vacuum cleaner and compare it to current generic upright cleaners on the market," explains Emlyn Davies, Creative Director at Bomper. "We were also supplied with a full storyboard and script that really helped define each shot and look of the 90-second animation."


The team's first task was to clean up the vacuum model, which Grey Technology supplied as a CAD file in STL format from Autodesk Inventor. Although Cinema 4D can import STL files, Bomper used a dedicated modeling app called Moment of Inspiration – or MoI – from Triple Squid Software Design to gain more control over the export process.


"It was time-consuming," says Emlyn, "as most of the sections had to be imported separately to keep the number of facets in the models high enough to help retain the curvature of the parts."


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