Marvels of Engineering

March 26, 2015

British comic artist Kevin Hopgood uses Cinema 4D to reveal the inner secrets of Marvel's mechanoid monsters.


For the last two years, Eaglemoss has been revealing the secret world of superheroes through its weekly publication, Marvel Fact Files. The 100-issue collection builds up into an encyclopedia of the Marvel Universe, with each edition delving into the comic archives and delivering details about the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and all their evil arch enemies.


As well as calling on decades of comic art, the publishers also commissioned a series of cut-away illustrations, exposing hidden details of vehicles, buildings, robots and exoskeletons. These images were produced by British comic artist Kevin Hopgood, famous for his work on 2000 A.D. as well as stints on the Doctor Who and Iron Man comics. "One of the first cutaways I did was War Machine," he says, "which was really nostalgic for me as I'd co-created the character during my run as penciler on Iron Man back in the Nineties."


To better help him realize the style of artwork, Hopgood turned to Cinema 4D. "I initially did the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and treated them as a technical drawing exercise," he explains. "The jobs seemed to be demanding more 'shiny chrome' effects, which can be a pain to draw but a really easy effect to get in 3D. I started off introducing more 3D elements into the artwork but I wasn't confident that I could pull the whole thing off in 3D. I finally bit the bullet with a cutaway of the Iron Man villain The Titanium Man. That one turned out how I wanted, so I stuck with a 3D workflow for the rest of the illustrations."


















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