Mapping a New Face with Connected Colors

August 10, 2016

Tokyo-based WOW studios uses Cinema 4D to combine 3D and live performance with stunning results.


In early 2016, visual design studio WOW in Tokyo produced ‘Connected Colors’, a project combining animated 3D graphics, projection mapping and live performance. The video was made for a global Intel promotion titled ‘Experience Amazing’. Intel requested innovators from around the world to create artworks for the campaign, and selected artist Nobumichi Asai to create a face mapping project.


While Asai took the role of creative director and technical director, WOW worked as the production company for the live action and CG animations. “Face mapping is a new technique of projecting moving images onto a living face, incorporating and using the natural expressions and expressiveness of the face as part of the final result, similar to the art of makeup, which has millenniums of history,” he said.


“Each project in Intel’s promotion was to have a different theme. The theme of ‘Connected Colors’ was inspired by the connected world and Intel's concept of the ‘Internet of Things’, or IoT. The connected world has two sides - a positive side that brings efficiency, optimization, harmony and symbiosis to people’s lives, and another side recognizes the need for operational rules and administration. I wanted the message for this project to question the use of technology, and decided to create an artwork expressing the positive side of connections.


“When we focus technology on life, we see that animals, plants and insects are all based on the same structures – on DNA – and all have different colors. I used the motif of the colors that all forms of life have in nature, including humans, and connected those colors.”



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