3D Motion Graphics & VFX Seminar with Guest Presenter, Dominic Watkins

November 21, 2017

Despite their busy schedules, many took time off their evening to attend the 3D Motion Graphics and VFX Seminar organised by IM Innovations at Pixel Studios on 16 November 2017. Creative professionals, as well as tertiary students, were able to witness and learn the shortcuts, tips and techniques used by our guest speaker, Dominic Watkins, in a time-pressured environment.


Dominic Watkins, a long-time expert user and beta tester of Cinema 4D in Singapore, is the creative director and founder of the award-winning motion graphics boutique – Pixelmotion.tv. He has worked closely with many regional key players including BBC Worldwide, NBCUniversal, HBO Asia, Disney Asia and FremantleMedia Asia. His achievements include sixteen PromaxBDA awards for his works with BBC Worldwide and four world medals in the New York Festivals Television & Film Awards.


Dominic started the session by giving some useful tips for starting a project in Cinema 4D, such as the project and render settings. After showing his ‘DIVA Lunar New Year’ ident project, he then demonstrated how he modelled the 3D chicken in a foil balloon-like manner, further detailing it with simple sculpting tools, such as knife and pinch tools to enhance the appearance of this 3D object. Dominic then utilised the Polygon Reduction deformer to reduce the tons of polygons created with sculpting so that his workflow will continue to be smooth and efficient, even when animating a large number of 3D chickens.


He awed the audience when he used XPresso, a powerful yet simple-to-use node-based editor in Cinema 4D, to easily animate the transformation of a chicken to a peacock. He used simple nodes, such as range mapper and the object’s parameters, to animate the feathers of the peacock growing in a visually appealing manner. All these animations were done without the need of many keyframes. Dominic also showed how a shortcut using XPresso can be used to display and hide multiple different objects in the scene with a click of a button. 



Last but not least, Dominic demonstrated how he can quickly align and duplicate his 3D chickens in the scene with a MoGraph tool called Cloners. He placed a single 3D chicken right under the Cloner tool to duplicate it in the shape of alphabets in a word. He then added in a Random Effector so that the placement of the 3D chickens will look more natural. To end his animation, he then combined a Target tag so that the chickens could turn to a certain direction on his command.


The audience gave their undivided attention throughout the seminar as there was so much to learn! Some approached Dominic even after the Q&A session to find out more as they were extremely intrigued by the impressive demonstration during the seminar. Many of them also made use of the time after the session to network with others over refreshments and exchanged a few pointers (shortcuts, tips and techniques) of their own! Those who missed this event, stay tuned for the next one.


 Click here to watch Dominic's 'DIVA Lunar New Year' ident project on Vimeo.

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