Testimonials from Trainees of our 3D Courses

"Trainer is approachable and eager to go over steps that need clarification."

- Big Red Button Pte Ltd


"Trainer is friendly and helpful."

- DSO National Laboratories

"The trainer has managed to explain us very well all the topics. All topics about

motion graphics that I want to learn in C4D are discussed and enough as foundation

that I can use in further studying the software.

Fisher-Rosemount Systems, Inc.

"Teaching pace is just nice for me to follow."

- Institute of Technical Education

"Gave additional exercises."

- Mediacorp Pte Ltd

The trainer attended to all our questions and also demonstrated for us, making the

explanation clearer and easier to understand." 

- Mediacorp Pte Ltd

"Trainer was able to help and attend to any problems we faced throughout the

duration of the course. She was patient and informative."

- Mediacorp Pte Ltd

"Explanation and demonstration is clear, trainer is patient and approachable."

- Prodigious Singapore


"The trainer tries her very best to answer all our question and never fail to get back

after doing her research on it."

- Timecode Pte Ltd

"The trainer has helped us to understand the functionality of the tools better."